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Barter Trade Overstock Merchandise, HBC Closeouts, Food, Candy, Toiletries

Our company is a well established Surplus Inventory Liquidator, offering barter services for many product types, such as HBC, Toiletries, Fragrances, Household, Food, Candy, Travel Sizes,Trial Sizes, Package Changes, Over Stocks, etc.

What sets us apart:

    All United States

    From our location in Lodi, NJ, we serve all the North East / Tri-State Area, NYC, New York City, NY, New Jersey, NJ, Pennsylvania, PA, Connecticut, CT, etc

    From our location in Opa-Locka, FL, we serve Florida, Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Louisiana, California, and more.

    Trade Shows: For more information on Shows, Schedules, Dates, Appointments, etc., please contact us.

    800-614-0700 New Jersey Show Room
    800-743-7274 Florida Show Room

    Top Cash
    We pay top cash for your products
  • From Small to Large Quantities: With warehouses in New Jersey and Florida, we trade, buy and sell large quantities of products everyday.
  • Large Diversification: We buy a large diversity of brands, in various quantities, including truck loads, etc.
  • Quality Barter Services: We have decades of knowledge and experience with the barter business
  • Ease of doing business with us: you are just a call away from a Good Barter Deal

If you are a manufacturer, distributor, or other supplier in need to trade / sell your inventory, contact us today!

If you want to become one of our suppliers, please read more about where we buy our products.


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