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By appointment to HM Queen Elizabeth
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A & F Pears Limited Soap Manufacturers

Pears Luxury Soap is an amber coloured natural transparent soap that was first produced in 1807 by Andrew Pears (1768-1845). It was the world's first transparent soap.

If you are a health conscient person and you trust products that are still made by using the old original recipes, then you should ckeck the Pears Luxury Soap. Hundreds of years ago, this luxury soap was invented to protect and enhance the beauty of the skin. It is hypo-allergenic and does not contain harsh chemicals.

Why this luxury soap is different?

  • It provides natural alluring healthy looking skin
  • It contains natural oils and glycerine
  • It is original in its process, it has a heritage of over 200 years
  • It has unsurpassed mildness
  • It leaves the your skin feeling moist
  • It is mellowed and aged for three months until it reaches pure transparency, thus beeing so chic in your bathroom. It is not producing the slime that non-glycerin soaps leave when left to stand.
  • Perfect for sensitive skin, too!

Quick History of the Pears Luxury Soap

Andrew Pears, the son of a Cornish farmer, completed his apprenticeship as a barber in 1789 and left his native village of Mevagissey to move to London. Here he established a barbers shop in Gerrard Street in Soho.
At that time Soho was a wealthy residential area and Andrew's clientelle included many wealthy socialites who took great pride in their appearance. Andrew began to cater for his client's tonsorial needs in their own homes and used the Gerrard Street premises as a place to experiment in the preparation and manufacture of rouges, powders, creams and other beauty products.
At the time, the fashion amongst the wealthy was for pristine white (alabaster) complexions; tanned faces were associated with those who laboured out of doors. Andrew found that his powders and creams were frequently being used to cover up damage caused by the harshness of the soaps and other beauty products (many of which contained arsenic or lead) that were in general use at the time.
He recognised that was a demand for a gentler soap and began to experiment. In November of 1807, after much trial and error, Andrew finally hit upon a method of soap purification that created a soap of a purity and quality that no-one had achieved before. It also had the novel and unique distinction of being a transparent soap. To add to the appeal of the soap Andrew added an aroma reminiscent an English garden.




Buy Pears Luxury Soaps, the Transparent Beauty Products made from Glycerin and Natural Oils
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