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Facial Cleanser Wholesale - from a Case to Container Loads

Skin PH Balanced, 100% Soap Free, Hypoallergenic, Sensitive and Dry Skin

Our company offers the Pears brand of Facial Cleansers for both women and men who are interested in a very mild 100% soap free product. It is designed for sensitive and delicate skin and it cleans thoroughly leaving your skin healthy looking.

Our facial cleansers are made with glycerine and come in 2 formulas:

  • Oil Clear Formula of Facial Cleanser (green color, 100% soap free) from Pears, which gently cleans excess oil on the surface of the skin, while helping to retain the skin's essential oil and moisture.
  • Facial Cleanser with Milk Protein and Mild Cleansers (amber color, 100% Soap Free) from Pears, which is a gentle way to attain healthy looking skin.


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